Made by our members

The Labour Party is proud of its membership structure and the opportunities it provides for everyone to get formally get involved in leading our party.

The Canterbury Labour Party democratically elects representatives to run the constituency and represent particular groups at our Annual General Meeting. Prior to this meeting copies of the job descriptions for each post are circulated to all members.

Branches annually elect their own officers on a different cycle. A list of our current executive for 2016-2017 is listed below.

Branch Officers
Chair Pat Edwards
Vice Chair(s) Ben Hickman
  Rachel Goodwin
  David Cheetham
  Chris Cornell
Secretary Rita O Brien
Campaign Co-Ordinator Mike Bland
Treasurer David Rogers
Disability Officer Millie Golding
LGBT Officer Chris Weller / Naomi Smith
Press Officer Michael Prowse
Trade Union Liason Officer Rory Heap
Women’s Officer Helen Bintley / Mel Dawkins
Youth Officer Sarah Cundy / Lucy Malone
Canterbury Branch
Whitstable Branch
Affiliated Groups