Author: Annie McNamara

Nice sign posting, Cllr Fisher!

Labour Councillor for Gorrell, Bernadette Fisher, recently sent a Twitter post about a new signpost on a Whitstable lampost. An apparently small thing, but an important one, for residents and visitors alike. For those walking or cycling from the railway station to the town via Stream Walk, it seemed from the signage there was only one way to go, and that was to the harbour end of town. Shops and businesses in Oxford Street, at the other end of Whitstable, haven’t been happy about this, and had taken to making their own signs to entice visitors to their part...

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Uniting to defeat Julian Brazier

There has been much discussion recently about people uniting together behind a single candidate in the Canterbury Constituency in order to defeat Julian Brazier. We in the Labour Party do indeed want the majority of voters to unite together to end Tory domination in this Constituency. Practically, given this is a snap General Election, there is no time to set up a selection machinery for a single “progressive” candidate to stand, within the registration timetable required for nominations. Politically, an agreement of this kind was unlikely to be achieved either. When you take into account the nature of the...

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Labour announce Rosie Duffield as candidate

We are pleased to announce that Rosie Duffield, local Labour member and activist, has been selected to stand as Labour’s Candidate for the Canterbury Parliamentary Constituency. Rosie is an energetic campaigner and she will stand up for the many in Canterbury, Whitstable and our villages who want to save our NHS and Social Care from the crisis caused by Tory and Lib Dem government policies, who did not vote for the kind of Brexit May’s Tories are pursuing, who want to see high quality education for their children, well paid jobs for young people and affordable housing and rents...

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Snap General Election called

Canterbury & Whitstable Labour Party welcome the opportunity a snap General Election on June 8th brings to defeat this failed Tory Government and its failing policies of increasing austerity for ordinary working people whilst dismantling the very public services ordinary people rely upon. Canterbury & Whitstable Labour Party is fully prepared to fight this campaign and determined to win for the people. We have been planning for any snap general election and are not at all surprised that Theresa May and the Tories, who have shamefully broken their manifesto promises repeatedly, have gone yet again back on their word....

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Hugh Lanning deported from Israel

Hugh Lanning, who is also our Parliamentary Spokesperson and comrade, was deported from Israel earlier this week. We consider non-violent forms of protest until Israel complies with international law – including the boycott, divestment or sanctions of companies or organisations complicit with breaches of international law by Israel – to be a democratic and human right. Israel’s recent law banning such advocacy of Palestinian human rights undermines its claim to be a democracy. We stand in support of Hugh Lanning. Click here for full...

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