Author: Rosie Duffield

Rosie responds to the closure of Whitstable Age UK

I am very sad to hear that Age UK have announced their intention to close the Whitstable Branch of the organisation by March 2018. I understand this has been a very difficult decision for all involved. I am of course sad to see services for elderly members of our community being taken away from being based in Whitstable. In recent years, Whitstable has suffered great reduction to many of its public, charitable and community services; this includes the loss of the police station, large post office, sorting office, council-run museum, job centre plus and other important provision. One of...

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Kent & Canterbury hospital NOT for sale

Let me say this clearly, the people of Canterbury, Whitstable and the Villages say the Kent & Canterbury Hospital is not for sale. I have already had many representations from local constituents seriously concerned about rumours that there has been a long-term plan aimed at selling off the very valuable Kent & Canterbury site. This announcement will only confirm the suspicions many already have. Local people are very well aware that the value of the land on which Kent & Canterbury is built is far in excess of anything that could be realised in Margate or Ashford. Local people...

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Rosie attends Great Get Together

Yesterday I was delighted to join one of the many Great Get Together lunches happening across Canterbury, Whitstable and the Villages organised in memory of Jo Cox, aiming to bring together the huge mix of people that make up the community in our fantastic constituency. It was so wonderful to see people from all faiths, backgrounds and ages coming together as one and having fun, sharing food and listening to music from a range of performers. Thank you to those who organised the fantastic event, and the collection for Grenfell Tower victims as well, and to everyone who came...

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Rosie reflects on the election

We’ve just hit over 1,100 likes on our Facebook page page in three weeks – and I just wanted to say two things; first of all, WOW, and secondly, THANK YOU. We’ve been building the largest people-driven campaign in Canterbury’s political history and our daily growing support shows how much people want a change from the politics as usual of Julian Brazier and the Conservatives. 30 years is enough and people are crying out for change. I was walking through Whitstable last night to go and try the new ‘Red Rosie’ (????????) beer at the Whitstable Labour Club and...

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Something special is happening, be a part of it

Whether you believe the polls or not, there’s something quite exciting happening in our constituency. YouGov now estimates our constituency is ‘leaning’ towards Labour! Our area has never had this many Labour posters, banners and supporters before, and our canvassers report speaking to people who have never voted before now voting Labour, disenfranchised Conservative voters and those lending their support from the other parties to oust the incumbent MP. Kent Online now describe Canterbury as one of the closest seats in the county. Our progressive campaign is inspiring people who have been turned off by the politics of fear...

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