Stroke Units - We need one here

NHS authorities in Kent and Medway are currently consulting the public about the establishment and location of three specialist stroke services. These are called hyper-acute stroke units (HASUs), which are open 24/7 and have available all the consultants and other specialist staff needed to treat people with strokes. The research is clear that people have a better chance of survival and recovery if they are treated in such a unit but why aren't we talking

Labour shows support for striking academic staff

Members of the local Labour Party shared coffee, donuts and solidarity with members of the University & College Union on strike today at the University of Kent, Canterbury. As the strike over proposed changes to the USS pension scheme moves into another week, staff on the picket remained upbeat and thankful of the support they had recieved from students, members of the public and other unions on site.

There is power in a union

I was just a child when I first heard the words ‘picket’ and ‘flying picket’. Hushed by my parents whilst they tuned in to watch the 6 o’clock news, I remember being fairly shocked by the stark images of police clashing with miners. The same pictures played out on our TV screens in 1984, but by that time, I had a clearer understanding of industrial action and the power of trade unions. In 1983, there

Canterbury is a one-state district no more

Following the last council meeting, Simon Look (the Conservative Leader of the Council) published an press release expressing with sadness that 'an era of co-operation between the political groups on the city council appears to have ended' and accusing Labour Councillors of 'artificially creating headlines'. His statement suggested the local party were adopting a tone which mimicked parts of the country where, in his words, 'the militant, hard-left Momentum group have undermined the work of

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