Viability assessments

There’s a whole industry out there geared up to reducing the amount developers have to agree too, after planning given. If you put in on line, viability assessments under section 106 agreements, up shoots the law firms bidding for developer’s attention. Local Authorities strapped for cash, weighing up weather to challenge these very persuasive arguments based on developer’s profit margins.

Wincheap Campaigners Encourage Council to “Spend a Penny” for the Local Park

Labour campaigners braved the drizzle this afternoon outside Wincheap Primary School, to raise support for the reopening of a public toilet in the Wincheap Park. In July 2017, Wincheap Park received a long-overdue re-vamp, transforming it into a venue that has become very popular with children and parents alike; but the lack of facilities are a real problem

Why the housing market needs radical change

Canterbury City Council has today unveiled plans to convert the student houses on Parham Road into family accomodation. Whilst we welcome any and all attempts to build genuinely affordable housing, solving our housing problems isn’t simply a question of building more houses – although that would be a start. As the housing strategy report being presented to Canterbury City Council’s policy and resources committee this week illustrates, the questions of what, where and how to build are complex.

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