This government, has systematically undermined the NHS

Local activists Jean Fraser and Rita O'Brien question local Conservative MP Helen Whately's support for the NHS after her appearance in the Gazzette last week.

Young Labour flies the flag at City Sound

The May Bank Holiday heralded in the most amazing weather, the hottest on record. It was the icing on the cake for Canterbury Young Labour to host a stall at the free City Sound Project in the Park, held in the Dane John Gardens, Canterbury.

Kent Labour Students encourage NUS to better support striking lecturers

Currently we live in a society in which it seems to be acceptable for our most valued citizens to be forced into striking to demand fair and decent pay. First, we had striking junior doctors and now striking lecturers. Our lecturers had no option but to strike

Canterbury is Choking

Cast you mind back to before the smoking ban. What a long way we have come in a relatively short time. What seems impossible at first can, with courage and vision, can become something rather special.Let’s think big and imagine the city free from lorries and cars and people laughing about how the smoke used to hang over the city and you could not cross the road or let children off leads because of the

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