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The Local Labour Group has today launched an online petition in support of its council motion to show solidarity with public sector workers. The council motion, which will come to a vote on the 19th October, calls for the city leaders to ‘limit any future increases to Members’ allowances’ pegging any increase to “the level of the public sector pay award or [the rate of] inflation, whichever is lower.’

Last week the plan drew support from Rosie Duffield MP who highlighted the “greed of Kent County Councillors in awarding themselves a 15% pay rise earlier this year” at a time when the Paul Carter, Conservative Leader for KCC, has also been calling for more money.

Leader of the Labour Group Alan Baldock said “this campaign is about fairness. We are not saying the Canterbury City Council is going to hike councillor allowances but we want to be sure they can’t when teachers, nurses and police officers who serve us everyday are being frozen out. I got into politics to make principled stances on issues that matter to hard working people, I am sure that even the Conservatives on the council, can’t oppose this”.


The petition which went live yesterday has quickly gathered over 200 signatures with street stalls planned for the weekend. Click here to sign

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Whitstable Job Centre will close on Friday 13th October and the irony of this macabre date is not going unnoticed.  The Whitstable Labour Party has been petitioning DWP to retain the service for the last four years and on its last day is planning a protest to say a final goodbye.

In April 2014 Whitstable Job Centre, reduced its hours to 2 hours a day and was threatened with closure.  After a successful campaign the closure was delayed but a final decision has been made, with Herne Bay Job Centre also scheduled for closure before Christmas.

Local Labour activist Chris Weller said “local job seekers will now be forced to travel to Canterbury Job Centre every 2 weeks to sign on and find a job. For many the £7 fare is incredibly difficult for people to save up for, representing well over 10% of what a 18-25 year old can expect to get a week. Disabled job seekers are also particularly hard hit”.

The job centre PCS Union supports the Labour campaign and highlighted that the threat to Whitstable and Herne Bay Job Centres. Nationwide 10% of Job centres are set to close in the next year 5 in Kent. The Job centre bosses have refused to comment.

The protest will take place on Friday 13th October, between 10am and 12. The local MP is expected to attend and show her support. Join us