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Waste bins were removed from Memorial Park, Herne Bay in June 2017 and a few weeks later replaced by five very large dumpster-style bins around the periphery of our park.

Having oversize bins has raised many issues that the councillors did not foresee. Firstly, to change peoples behaviour you need to start from a young age, these bins have openings that are too high to allow children to be responsible youngsters and place rubbish inside them. Secondly, this brings up the question of wheel chair users access which will also be problematic. (if not unlawful under the Equality Act 2010). Thirdly, we have also seen an increase in dumped rubbish alongside these bins such as chairs , furniture and sofas , which then incur costs for their removal. Fourthly,  the fronts of the bins are never secured safely which is an accident just waiting to happen. One of the bins has been damaged to such a degree that the front no longer is fitted but has been left beside the dumpster. Fifthly, another has been defaced with graffiti which will invite more graffiti if it is not removed. And finally, the bins are still often found to be overflowing with rubbish which shows that they are not monitored and emptied with any regularity.

This has been brought to the attention of our Herne Bay councillors who now are begrudgingly starting a process of replacing these general waste dumpsters.

General waste must be collected but beside those bins should be recycling facilities for cans , glass , plastic and paper . We are told that it is our responsibility to recycle but the Conservative council has not provided the facilities for the public to do so, letting us down as well as the next generation.

For our council to have taken out perfectly good bins within the park and replaced them with not fit for purpose dumpsters shows how irresponsible and wasteful of money our Herne Bay councillors are. We need a modern council for 2019, a Labour council.