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Covid has affected all our lives – but some have paid a higher price than others. Those who were already struggling – ethnic minorities, older and disabled people, families – have been hit the hardest. Jobs lost, businesses closed – we are now facing a financial, social and mental health pandemic.

Locally we look to our City Council for leadership and to build back better – Instead the only vision offered by the tired old Tories is a hike in car park charges!

Craig wants to make Swalecliffe matter

Craig will hold the Tories to account for cuts to vital services, challenge waste and plans that don’t make sense.

The Tories declare a climate emergency and then buy all new diesel vehicles and only ONE electric bus! And they waste millions on empty car parks!

He will support your local small business recovery and promote fairness and compassionate decisions. Vote for your voice to be heard in the council chamber.

Vote Craig Potter, Vote Labour on May 6th

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Following the issuing of new UK Government advice the local Labour Party has revised how it will be campaigning this May. These changes are designed to keep our campaigners and you safe at this difficult time.

To help we will be:

  • focussing our efforts on telephone canvassing. You can find details of our Dialogue sessions at
  • using professional deliverers to distribute leaflets – particularly before April 12. When our volunteers deliver to your home they will be in teams of no more than two, social distanced and masked. 
  • Reducing the size of our usual doorstep canvassing teams to a maximum of six. Before April 12 we will be leafletting before sessions to give people a chance to indicate if they don’t wish us to call. After that our volunteers will be socially distanced, masked and sanitising between each house.

All of our activists will have downloaded the NHS app and have it activated before starting. We will be working with Canterbury City Council to formalise whether we will be running an operation on polling day. We will only do this if it safe to do so.

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Pip Hazelton and Mel Dawkins have been litter picking up your way and listening to you about the things that matter.

Pip has stopped taking her granddaughter to the play park because the swings were taken down months ago and STILL haven’t been replaced:

“I’ve noticed lots of children have these new scooters and I’m worried that the lack of action by the council in sorting out the parking at the junction by the green, means that there could be a serious accident before long”.

Mel has seen how the worn-down speed bumps and neglected road surfaces make the estate look uncared for as well as being a safety issue:

“The verges and pavements need better maintenance too. This could be a much nicer place to live if the councils just got their act together”.

Your current County and City Councillors don’t seem to have been able to get these things sorted!

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