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Labour shows support for Student Strike

Friday the twelth of April was the third youth strike for climate action in Canterbury. This action is organised by students from local schools and universities and is a protest for positive action to be taken in response to the climate crisis. The event has been creative and well organised and is now attracting the support of adults including a good contingent of Labour party members and prospective councillors in the district. Responding to criticisms that the event was an escape from education, the event has included more and more educational elements. Last time there were briefings on the environmental record of different retailers as they marched through the city. M&S garnering praise for its policies while McDonalds and HSBC were open to more criticism. This time they made an alphabet video of climate change for councillors to see when they meet to discuss climate change this Thursday at the Guild Hall.

You might want to follow their lead and join the meeting to ensure their concerns are addressed by the declaration of a climate emergency in district.