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Today, I will be reaching out to the other candidates in this election and discussing how we can best pay our tributes to those who have been involved to this horrific act of violence. In the midst of our democratic debates and arguments, we have remembered that we have more in common than we are divided and have been truly inspired by the kindness shown by different communities of all faiths and none, and especially the bravery shown by our emergency services.

National campaigning by the main political parties continues to be suspended today, however local canvassing has resumed for many of the parties; as such, you may begin to see local activists from all parties in your neighbourhood. We are determined that the poison of terror will not be allowed to pollute our democratic politics and we will stand firm in the face of evil.

We will not let terrorism win over our democracy, and continuing to talk positively about the issues that affect all of us will show that we will continue in the face of adversity.

Terrorism will not divide our communities, and we are united in solidarity with the people of Manchester. When terrorism attacks one of us, we come together to show it will not stop us.

Our hearts are broken, but our resolve has never been stronger. My heart goes out to all those who have died, and to the families who have lost young people and old people alike, and they will always be remembered by their loved ones, their friends and their families.

Together, we are stronger than we are alone. Together, we are unbroken.

There is no storm that is stronger than all of us when we stand together.

In Unity,

Rosie Duffield

Labour Candidate for Canterbury Constituency and Chair of Canterbury Branch Labour Party