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Commuters speak out against Great Train Robbery

Members of the Whitstable Labour party joined members of the RMT and early morning commuters today to protest the highest price rise on season tickets in five years. Fares will increase by 3.4% today , with season tickets up by 3.6% –  more than the consumer price index inflation rate and well above average increases in annual earnings.

Since the Conservatives came to power in 2010 the cost of season tickets has increased by a staggering 32%.  A standard annual season ticket from Canterbury to London now costs over £7, 188.

Labour supports investment in our train infrastructure but through a radical programme of nationalisation when rail franchises end. Figures from the TUC suggest that commuters to London spend as much as six times as much of their salary on commuting than comparable commutes in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Spain who are government owned.

However, local Conservative Councillor Stephen Bartley, described the idea of redistributing income gathered from people who use the service to alleviate the burden on those hardest hit as a “Ponzi scheme, not a policy”. His comment seems to forget that this is general taxation works.

The SouthEastern rail franchise ends in December 2018. Please email your experiences of the service to your Labour MP at [email protected]