Dan Allen
Labour Candidate for Whitstable East and Herne Bay West
Dan has lived in Whitstable for 10 years, previously living in Herne Bay for 20 years  and as a result feels an affinity for both towns. Dan has been a railway worker for 16 years and is an  active trade union member. His hobbies include socializing at his local Labour Club and building model railways.
Previously Dan has been involved in several local campaigns to save local services, including the youth centre, job centre and the post office. He worked hard on the election campaigns of 2017 and 2019 for Canterbury’s MP Rosie Duffield. 
If elected Dan intends to work hard to hold the KCC executive to account. Dan has a special interest in education. Having attended 4 different high schools across the county including a secondary modern, a comprehensive and a grammar  Dan believes the Kent system of selection at 11 is deeply flawed and needs to change.