Simon Warley
Labour Candidate for Herne Bay East

I am an Employment Rights Lawyer. I represent workers in cases of unfair dismissal, race, sex and disability discrimination and unpaid wages. I also lecture at Canterbury Christchurch University. I am in politics to help create a more equal society and to reverse austerity.

I have was the Labour Councillor for Westgate ward from 2017-2019 and now live in Herne Bay. As a councillor I campaigned for more council houses to be built, an integrated transport system in Canterbury and to stop the proposed multi-storey car park in Station Road West.

I brought motions to the Council proposing that Canterbury City Council bid for the 2025 “UK City of Culture” and that the Council invoke the “rural exemption policy” in planning rules to build small groups of council houses in rural areas. I previously stood as a City Council candidate for the Reculver ward in 2016 and as Kent County Council candidate for Canterbury City South in 2017. 

Canterbury needs an integrated transport system which encourages greater use of Park & Ride, local “hopper” buses for short journeys within the City and integrated cycle paths to address its pollution and congestion problems. The ruling Conservative Group have mismanaged the District’s finances by gambling huge sums of public money on the Whitefriars Centre when retail is in significant decline, instead of investing in housing and other public facilities for the benefit of local people


Gill Gower