The Labour Party is a diverse range of people brought together with one shared aim of ensuring we have a government for the many not the few. We are constantly working to make people feel engaged and involved with our campaigning work and as such have a number of groups committed to improving the participation amongst women, young people and disabled people.

We also have CLP Executive Officer, Chris Weller who works on LGBTQ+ rights and seperately organises events and an officer to promote participation amongst BAME groups.

Women’s Group

The Women’s Group meets monthly and is a way to engage with as many women in our branches as possible and listen to the issues that matter most to them. We provide childcare for our meetings and often try to meet in the afternoons or weekends.

The Women’s Group is run by our Women’s Officer’s Clare Connerton & Mel Dawkins.

Email: [email protected]

Young Labour

The Young Labour group was set up in 2015 to help involve younger supporters and members in our campaigning work. They have led voter registration drives in local schools and run specialist street stalls on issues which matter to them.

The Young Labour Group is run by our Youth Officer Ryan Smith.

Email: [email protected]

Disability Forum

The Disability Forum works to help make our local party more accessible to people with disabilities and campaign on cuts to support service which affect them

The Disability Forum is run by our Disability Officer Craig Potter.

Email: [email protected]

A full list of all the affiliated bodies working within the Labour Party on behalf of specialist groups is available here.