“It is not a sin to fight for your freedom”

At Tolpuddle this year it was great to see a field of Palestinian flags, but one line from one song stuck in my mind. By ‘The Men They Couldn’t Hang’, it was a song called “Ironmasters” and the one line was: “It is not a sin to fight for your freedom”. Despite the fact that in law it is a right to resist, Israel has succeeded in framing the debate – that, in reality, only

Britain needs a pay rise

Tens of thousands of people marched through London on the TUC march 18 October, demanding a pay rise. In a week when the health and civil service were on strike – there were great contingents from UCU, Unite, Unison, PCS and of course the Mid-wives – in the wake of their first strike. Even Russell Brand turned up.

Standing up to Ukip – 5 things to do, 3 not to.

In the Canterbury and Whitstable Constituency, we are surrounded by Ukip – Thanet, Sittingbourne, Dover & Folkestone. Fascism, racism and now Ukip – the list gets longer of the things we are standing up to. Although there are overlaps in combatting all three, they are not the same and it is not possible to simply transpose tactics from one to the other.

Labour Party Conference – the best of times, the worst too!

The Labour Party conference did not start off well – the car broke down shortly after we set off and I smashed my phone in car park upon arriving many hours late. However, we only missed a few receptions and fringe meetings – things didn’t really get started until the Sunday, with the official opening of the conference.

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