Life turns around – this year at TUC and Labour Party conferences

Last week at the TUC was great, catching up with lots of people I used to see regularly as DGS of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS). Rather than being involved in the machinations on the floor of Congress; to be operating on the fringe on behalf of the PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign).

Gaza Emergency at the TUC

At the TUC – in response to emergency motions submitted by Aslef, CWU and TSSA – there was a General Council statement on Gaza. Generally good, calling for an arms embargo and action against firms complicit with the military trade with Israel.

Why a workers’ pledge is essential to enhance workplace rights

We will be launching the pledge at Labour conference at our meeting on Wednesday 24 September at 12.30pm in the Labour List marquee, chaired by Kevin Maguire with contributions from Owen Smith MP, Angela Eagle MP, Lord John Monks, Hugh Lanning and others. We are also grateful for the input of Sarah Veale from TUC and Tim Roache, President of CLASS in producing the pledge.

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