Why Kitewood's plan for Beltinge is not the answer

With over 2,400 people on the Tory council’s housing needs list we need new housing. The Beltinge development will not answer that demand. The average house in the Herne Bay area costs £353,400 (Home.co.uk). The average wage in Herne Bay is a little over £27,600 per annum. The average Herne Bay resident will not be buying on the new estate even at an ‘affordable’ price.

Encouraging ethical letting

After consistent pressure from the Labour Party and campaigners, the government have announced that they will abolish section 21 - a notice served by landlords to evict tenants without good reason. Though this shows incredible progress for renters rights, we still have much further to go. This is why a Labour council in Canterbury will establish an ethical letting agency to extend further support for those that are renting.

So often, adverts for rental properties

A Lib Dem vote is a wasted vote

Councillor Simon Warley responds to recent claims that voting for the Liberal Democrats is a viable way of removing the ruling Conservative Party from the Council

Why not all local leaflets talk about local issues

Most of the conservative candidates for Herne Bay are city councillors already. The content of their current leaflet does expose the quality of their knowledge and campaigning abilities! The leaflet that is going out across Herne Bay on their behalf lists three priorities that they have for Herne Bay, two out of three are provided by Kent County Council. They list a new hospital for Canterbury - health & social care comes under KCC. Also

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