Pip Hazelton

Pip Hazelton : Westgate By Election
Hi, I’m Pip Hazelton your Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for Westgate ward in the elections this May.Recently retired, I was a social worker working mainly in the field of child protection but also had experience of working with vulnerable older people. I was based in Canterbury for over 18 years, I live in Westgate ward and my children attended schools in the city. I consider myself a local but

Meagre pay rise scant reward for NHS heroes

Throughout the pandemic, I like millions of others stood on my doorstep on a Thursday evening clapping our carers, key workers, and NHS staff. They are the people that have given the most during these times of need, the ones that risked their own health to care for the sick. Sadly many here in East Kent died of Covid19 as a result of carrying out their duties. We owe them far more than just gratitude,

Our collective power can drive change to protect women

Canterbury & Whitstable Labour Women’s Group were delighted to host Dawn Butler (Labour MP for Brent Central) at their first meeting in 2021, on Wednesday 17th March. She was introduced by Councillor Connie Nolan, Women’s Officer for Canterbury Labour.

Dawn reflected on the effect of the pandemic on women’s lives and on the events of this month, with International Women’s Day and the theme of ‘choose to challenge’, and the killing of Sarah Everard further highlighting

Letter to the Editor: Council Housing

Despite some recent welcome additions to the council's housing portfolio, our City Council is basically only keeping pace with those sold under right to buy. Our council house waiting list has not gone down and stands at around 2,500.