A Labour Council will:


work with our communities to map local transport needs now and plan how to provide a transport system that works, and is accessible to all, for the short and long term.

  • Start trials of affordable and accessible “hopper bus” services linking Canterbury East and Canterbury West stations, via the city centre and St Dunstan’s, within one year.

  • Immediately work with KCC to draw-up a hub-based, integrated transport system for the district to include a publicly-owned bus system at the service of all residents.

  • Do everything in our legal power to cancel the unnecessary Station Road West multi-story car park project and earmark its £9 million budget for future transport integration projects.

  • Complete and promote walking and cycling routes across the city, interlinking them with established long-distance cycle paths to London, Dover and Whitstable.

  • Take full advantage of government grants and other funding to maximise the number of electric vehicle charging points across the district.

  • Develop plans to electrify our buses, notably the Triangle route between Herne Bay, Whitstable and Canterbury.
  • Consult on a new proposal for the Labour Councillor-initiated Whitstable Park and Ride site and deliver the project as soon as possible.
  • Consult with our local communities in Herne Bay, Whitstable and Canterbury on how traffic should be managed and public transport provided.
  • Lead consultation and research with existing charities, communities and organisations, into fully accessible ‘drop on and off’ community transport schemes for rural areas.


Council's new electrical charging points branded 'too little, too late'

Labour candidate for Gorrell, Chris Cornell questions whether the council's new electrical charging plan scheme really is as ambitious as it claims to be

Whitstable library under threat

Local campaigners have expressed concern that Whitstable Library is one of 70 libraries due to be downgraded next year by Kent County Council.  A campaign has been launched to save it.

A Gateway to council services

Canterbury is one of the only local authorities in Kent not to roll out Gateway hubs which make County and City council services more accessible to local residents. Prospective Labour councillors for Whitstable George Caffrey, Chris Cornell and Val Kenny visited the Sheppey Gateway last week to see if the model might help Whitstable residents. Retired firefighter George Caffrey, shares his reflections on the service.

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