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Meagre pay rise scant reward for NHS heroes

Throughout the pandemic, I like millions of others stood on my doorstep on a Thursday evening clapping our carers, key workers, and NHS staff. They are the people that have given the most during these times of need, the ones that risked their own health to care for the sick. Sadly many here in East Kent died of Covid19 as a result of carrying out their duties. We owe them far more than just gratitude, applause or a well-done badge.

So I was shocked to hear that the government wants to give our NHS workers, the heroes of the pandemic, a meagre 1 per cent pay rise. In real terms this is a pay cut! This is not how a caring society should thank those who have given the most and worked the hardest. It is insulting, uncaring, and unjust.

The annual cost of doubling the pay rise for the UK’s 670,000 nurses from 1 per cent to 2 per cent comes to £174 million – less than the money wasted on unusable facemasks supplied by two companies (£204 million).

Do we think this is ok? I for one do not.

I urge your readers to speak up, contact their political representatives and express their disgust at this miserly government. Clapping doesn’t pay bills and neither will a 1 per cent pay rise.

Alister Brady