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Oval Chalet meeting today!



7PM – 9PM


This meeting is called to provide information to residents and businesses in Whitstable on the planning process and potential planning issues related to the proposed development of housing on the Oval Site on Sea Street.

Throughout the meeting The Whitstable Society and Oval Chalet Preservation Community Group (OCPC) will provide detailed reasons why this development should not receive planning permission. CAD drawings and Drone camera photos of the site will be presented.

We ask that residents and business owners attend in order to ensure that they are enlightened about how this development will affect our town and community. If attending the public meeting, please send your comments to Canterbury Council after the meeting! If you cannot attend, send them now!

Issues include:

    • Lack of light, blocking public openness of the sea front and a lack of privacy for many neighbouring properties
    • Traffic issues due to the closure of Sea St, to enable construction, and resulting one way system, incorporating Cromwell Road
    • Detrimental impact on the skyline of the tow
    • Failure to fit with Conservation Area requirements
    • No public forum or actual renderings on this new development have been provided by the developers so the Canterbury councillors do not have clarity on what they are voting for!

The OCPC says it is crucial that objections to the development be submitted to the Canterbury City Council planning department by 18th March.

Objections can be lodged online at:

For further info from the OCPC, please email: [email protected]