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Rosie reflects on the election

We’ve just hit over 1,100 likes on our Facebook page page in three weeks – and I just wanted to say two things; first of all, WOW, and secondly, THANK YOU.
We’ve been building the largest people-driven campaign in Canterbury’s political history and our daily growing support shows how much people want a change from the politics as usual of Julian Brazier and the Conservatives. 30 years is enough and people are crying out for change.

I was walking through Whitstable last night to go and try the new ‘Red Rosie’ (????????) beer at the Whitstable Labour Club and the town was awash with Vote Labour signs. Thank you so much for your support and to our volunteers for organising it! I’m honestly so humbled and it continues to motivate me and all our volunteers -so thank you!
There’s just a little over 24 hours until the polls close and we are going to continue to do everything we can to win this election.

Not for me, but for you. For the thousands of students and young people living here. For the parents and grandparents. For the small business owners, self-employed and workers. For the commuters. For the many people worried about the future of Kent and Canterbury. We will win this election to benefit the many, not the few.

Thank you for your ongoing support and don’t forget to vote Labour on June 8th!

In unity,
Rosie and Team #Rosie4MP
#VoteLabour #ForTheMany