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Something special is happening, be a part of it

Whether you believe the polls or not, there’s something quite exciting happening in our constituency.
YouGov now estimates our constituency is ‘leaning’ towards Labour!
Our area has never had this many Labour posters, banners and supporters before, and our canvassers report speaking to people who have never voted before now voting Labour, disenfranchised Conservative voters and those lending their support from the other parties to oust the incumbent MP. Kent Online now describe Canterbury as one of the closest seats in the county.
Our progressive campaign is inspiring people who have been turned off by the politics of fear used by the other parties. I, and Labour, believe there is another way of doing politics that doesn’t resort to slander, smears and lies and it’s clear that our constituency really wants to see change.
We are on the cusp of electing a new, progressive MP….but we can only do this with your help.
Share this with your friends and join our event to volunteer a few hours, an afternoon or the whole day to speak to Labour supporters and ensure they vote tomorrow.


Vote Rosie Duffield and Labour on June 8th for a constituency MP that works in your interests, and for the many, not the few.
#Rosie4MP #VoteLabour #ForTheMany