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Student explains why we need a new MP

So in November me and three other part time officers went to visit our MP Conservative Julian Brazier at his offices in Parliament. And the honest impression he gave me is that he doesn’t give a shit about students, and he couldn’t care less about what we had to say. He kept us waiting, he cut our meeting down from an hour to 30 minutes, and kept mentioning that he would have to leave in x amount of minutes.

He doesn’t care if you can’t afford to pay your rent, or your tuition fees, or even be able to feed yourself. He believes that students should just ‘get a job’ (he literally said this to me and my eyes rolled out of my head) when I know that many who are in the lowest income brackets work the hardest and still can’t afford the basic commodities. He outright refused to listen to me when I asked him about his opinion of the higher education and research bill and it’s affect on students. When he tried to be relatable by mentioning his sons, it came across as ‘but i’m rich and could afford £12,000 a year for uni, so why can’t you?’. You could really tell he didn’t want to be speaking to us and really has no clue how to talk to young people or anyone outside of the top wealth bracket.

He sat there in front of four student reps and called humanities degrees pointless because they’re not ‘economical’. He called arts degrees pointless because they’re not ‘economical’. He had no appreciation for careers and areas of study who’s primary purpose isn’t to make money. I imagine he would be very happy if we cut out all arts degrees, english degrees, and humanities degrees and replace them with STEM, business and economics. Because who needs culture when you’re a minted Tory MP voting against tax increases for the wealthy, against the welfare state, against disability benefits, against gay rights, against abortion and against laws to promote human rights?

Polling at this point is suggesting a toss up between Brazier and Rosie Duffield, our Labour candidate. This a opportunity for us to kick Brazier out of his seat, a seat which he has held for THIRTY YEARS. If you still don’t know where to vote, please consider voting in canterbury and get this old, rich, and out of touch individual tf out of our parliament.