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Canterbury & Whitstable Labour Party welcome the opportunity a snap General Election on June 8th brings to defeat this failed Tory Government and its failing policies of increasing austerity for ordinary working people whilst dismantling the very public services ordinary people rely upon.

Canterbury & Whitstable Labour Party is fully prepared to fight this campaign and determined to win for the people.

We have been planning for any snap general election and are not at all surprised that Theresa May and the Tories, who have shamefully broken their manifesto promises repeatedly, have gone yet again back on their word. They are not to be trusted.

We are the largest political party in Canterbury & Whitstable and will be mobilising our whole membership of 1500 people with the aim of defeating Julian Brazier who does not represent the collective interest of local people. Besides having the human resources to win we also have the financial resources too and we shall be taking the fight to the Tories as the only challengers to the years of Tory and Lib Dem austerity which have wrecked so much of our essential public services since 2010.