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“The traffic is ridiculous”

Kit is a retired corporate director who has lived in Whitstable for 40 years. “In all this time” he says “traffic has got worse not better. KentCounty Council do the bare minimum. They just aren’t interested in trying to solve the problem”.

Department of Transport data shows Kent has the UK’s most dangerous roads. It has been dubbed ‘the pothole capital of England’ with over 52,000 reported in the last 3 years.

For Kit, who lives near Joy Lane School, the state of the road is almost as bad as the traffic on it. Cars parked on pavements frequently cause trip hazards and have delayed ambulances visiting his neighbours.

Your Tory County Councillor is claiming credit for a one way system in the school which Kit knows doesn’t even exist.

Labour wants to end the practice only repairing roads when accidents have happened. It believes we should be fixing whole roads where we get the chance, not patching them up and waiting fo people to get hurt.

“Our Kent County Councillor has apologised about the problem for 20 years. It’s time we had a councillor like Naomi who fixed it.”

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