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Whitstable Labour tackles housing crisis

Whitstable is blighted by unaffordable housing costs, brought about largely by ‘second homing’ and buy to let.  Yet nothing is being done to solve the crisis. Labour’s Whitstable branch has come up with a set of demands aimed at tackling the crisis, including doubling the tax on second homes, which lie empty most of the year,  caps on rents, increased spending on local housing and more…

The extent of the problem

In Whitstable a 2-bedroom terrace in Central Whitstable costs around £350k to buy and £1500 per month to rent.

Local people with local jobs simply cannot afford these costs; young people and those on benefits are pushed out of town.

Public Social Housing for rent has become impossible to find and local residents are facing 10 year waiting lists to stay in Whitstable.

Our local Conservative MP Julian Brazier Knows there is a housing crisis in this area but his party does nothing to solve it.

The Housing Crisis is acutely seen on Canterbury’s Streets where rough sleeping is on the rise and on the beaches of Whitstable.

Canterbury is on ‘buy to lets’ student accommodation overload whereas Whitstable is blighted by ‘second homing’.

The wealthy ‘buy to let’ and ‘second homing’ have made local housing unaffordable.

In Whitstable second homes lie empty for most of the year, and local people are forced to queue for overpriced rentals.

Local people with local jobs or on benefits simply can no longer afford to live in Whitstable

So to tackle this housing crisis Whitstable Labour Party demands:

  • Double Council tax on Second Homing
  • Councils to build, to increase rented Council Housing, with security of tenure, and end the right to buy
  • Increase investment in social housing
  • Limit home loaning on how much and for how long banks can lend per person to reduce demand.
  • Time limit planning consents to stop ‘land banking’.
  • Tax profits on land values
  • Rent capping on rents
  • Limit the numbers of houses anyone may own or rent out,
  • Tax empty properties.
  • Higher ‘Green’ and living standards in new build to cut energy bills and make homes more accessible.