The Labour Party has nearly 800 members  and is continuing to grow. We are a diverse group of local people who believe our communities deserve better than a Conservative Government and their aggressive cuts to our public services and their failed economic plan.

The Constituency Labour Party meets quarterly but is supported by two branches, one in Canterbury and one in Whitstable who run local campaigns.

The Canterbury Branch is open to members from Whitstable, Seasalter & Tankerton.

Meetings take place on the first Monday of every month, 7.30 – 9.30 pm at the Whitstable Labour Club on Belmont Road.

If you are a new member thinking about attending a meeting for the first time don’t hestitate to contact the branch secretary Naomi Smith by emailing [email protected]

Local branches have their own elected representatives who help organise our campaigns locally and ensure that local people’s views are heard.

The current Whitstable Chair is David Rees. You can email him about meetings, fundraising events and how you can get involved. His email address is [email protected]

Our local campaign lead is Julia Seath. You can email him to find out about our monthly street stalls and doorstep canvassing via [email protected]

The Whitstable Labour Club is an independently run and managed members-only bar serving the Grimshill Estate and Central Whitstable. The club regularly hosts our meetings, fundraising events and provides a venue from which we can meet members and the local community.

Click here for information on the Whitstable Labour Club


Local councillor speaks out on fire safety

I wrote this morning to the Chief Executive of Canterbury City Council re fire safety in our tower blocks.  This is my note and the initial reply.  Our thoughts and the thoughts of all here at the Labour Group and Party are with the residents of Grenfell, their families and friends.

Hi Colin,

In view of the tragic events unfolding at Grenfell tower in west London, please could we undertake a full review of the structure and

Where have all our loos gone?

There’s been a bit of a twitter storm lately about the loss of women’s loos in favour of unisex ones. I’m not sure that unisex toilets are the answer to all our needs and have often found the companionship of the communal areas in ‘the ladies’ a bit of a retreat from the outside world. Having said that, I do want to encourage fathers to change their babies in comfort and it’s important that transgender

Labour's Budget Response

Last night, Labour Group Leader at Canterbury City Council, Councillor Alan Baldock, gave our response to the budget and sought amendments. He focused on the need for greater compassion towards the poor and the vulnerable in the face of radical cuts to funding from central government. These cuts, to zero in 2019, mean we can no longer function in the way we have in the past and appear to face a Hobson’s choice between drastic

Opposing the council merger

It’s key to a con artist’s success to be able to establish their point of view in the mind of the intended victim, to quickly define and limit the boundaries of what is possible. Stopping the “mark” from looking at the fraudster’s credentials or what lies behind the claims being made is absolutely essential for the sting to work, because it stops any questioning the truth of what is being said. This, some might think,

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