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Why not all local leaflets talk about local issues

Most of the conservative candidates for Herne Bay are city councillors already. The content of their current leaflet does expose the quality of their knowledge and campaigning abilities! The leaflet that is going out across Herne Bay on their behalf lists three priorities that they have for Herne Bay, two out of three are provided by Kent County Council. They list a new hospital for Canterbury – health & social care comes under KCC. Also a new grammar school – again only KCC could provide this with the department of education agreement. This leaves just one aspiration that we could benefit from – future developments (?) – not described. It is indeed misleading and dishonest of them to make people think that District councillors can provide schools and hospitals.
When I have challenged Cllr Cook, via social media about the statements they are making, his poor excuse was that when he became both a county and city councillor he promised that he would do all that he could to make both councils work well together(?!) He is currently arguing that the aspiration of the town is to have a new Canterbury hospital and grammar school so that is why conservative candidates are giving support to both.