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Why your vote matters

At the next election the higher the voter turnout, the greater chance we have of keeping Rosie as Canterbury’s MP.

The tables below from a yougov poll shortly after the last election show why. Those groups in society who are registered and vote in greater numbers are those groups who are more likely to vote conservative. Older, settled, property owning, better off people are nearly all registered. About two thirds of people over 60 vote Conservative. Younger, more mobile, less well off people, those in rented accommodation and more likely to be from ethnic minorities are more likely to be Labour supporters. About 60% of people under 40 voted Labour. But four in ten people under 40 did not vote in 2017 while only about 2 in ten people over 60 did not vote.

We have to make democracy work for the many not just for the few. We can do that by making sure everybody is registered to vote and actually casts their vote on polling day. This way we can massively increase Rosie’s majority.

In 2017 Yougov polled 50,000 adults to understand more about voting behaviour. Age is the new key predictor of voting behaviour (class is less powerful)

Voter participation rates still show sharp age profile despite improvement in 2017.