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Local party win Best Practice Award

Members of the local Labour Party were this week given an award by Jeremy Corbyn and General Secretary of the Labour Party Iain McNicol, in recognition of their work engaging and involving members in this years General Election Campaign.

The Labour Party in Canterbury, Whitstable and the Villages has nearly 2000 members and well over 400 of them were involved in either street stalls, door knocking or phone banks throughout the general election campaign. With well over 20 new volunteers approaching the Campaign Co-Ordinator a day in the last ten days of the election, the party relied on its two branches, a network of ward organisers and the support of affiliated groups on the university campus to ensure everyone was put to work.

The award was collected by Rosie Duffield MP and hard-working local party members Rory Heap, Rita O’Brien, Councillor Jean Butcher and Mike Bland.

Chris Cornell, a Vice Chair of the local party in charge of membership said, “the numbers of new members we have seen since in the last two years has been fantastic. New members bring an enthusiasm which is infectious and provide us with additional resources which will be central to our campaign for the 2019 Council Elections. The agility of the organisation to encourage and support new members, often partnering them with highly trained and more experienced activists, was key to our success but something we are not complacent about. ”

New members are still joining the party at the rate of about 10-15 a month and will always be welcome. You can join the Labour Party online at