Canterbury Candidate Rosie Duffield with CLP Chairman Ben Hickman

Welcome to the Canterbury Constituency Labour Party (Canterbury CLP for short).

If you’ve found your way here, you probably have an interest in our newly energised and grassroots driven Labour Party. 

I’m the Chair of the CLP, so here are a few things you can do to help with transforming our politics locally and nationally:

Come to one of our monthly branch meetings

We have two branches (Canterbury and Whitstable), and at them we discuss campaigning, policy and the politics of the day. You’ll need to become a member of the Party though!  

Sign up to campaign

Drop me a line and I’ll let you know what’s going on in your area, as well as how you can help in other ways. Or click on the link below to Campaign for Rosie.

Follow us on social media

We have vibrant Facebook, Twitter and Instagram campaigns so you can keep up with the latest news, events and discussions.  See links on the menu and below.

If you have any initial questions or comments, feel free to contact me directly at  [email protected]

Thanks for your interest!

Ben Hickman

Rosie Duffield for Canterbury

Vote to re-elect Rosie Duffield as MP for Canterbury, Whitstable, and the Villages.

Labour Party Manifesto 2019

It’s time for Real Change.  Vote for the Labour Party Manifesto – a plan for the many, not the few.

Campaign for Rosie

Your full list of campaign events – come and join our members canvassing, leafleting, and running our popular street stalls.

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Vote for Rosie Duffield on Thursday 12th Dec

Find your nearest polling station here

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Get a Rosie Duffield Vote Labour board

Fill out the form if you have time to volunteer for Rosie or if you would like to have a window poster or a correx board for your front garden.  

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