new sign in Stream Walk
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Nice sign posting, Cllr Fisher!

Labour Councillor for Gorrell, Bernadette Fisher, recently sent a Twitter post about a new signpost on a Whitstable lampost. An apparently small thing, but an important one, for residents and visitors alike.

For those walking or cycling from the railway station to the town via Stream Walk, it seemed from the signage there was only one way to go, and that was to the harbour end of town.

Shops and businesses in Oxford Street, at the other end of Whitstable, haven’t been happy about this, and had taken to making their own signs to entice visitors to their part of town. Charming these may have been but not weatherproof, so they didn’t last long.

Responding to a low key but persistent campaign, and a nudge by our very own Umbrella Centre community café, Bernadette approached the city council. Thanks to a council officer with a refreshing ability to quickly say “Yes” to a good idea, there is now an official sign pointing to attractions such as as the Umbrella Café and garden, and the Museum, two of the venues for the third Whitstable Palace of Fun on October 8.

With so many big, complex campaigns being fought at the moment, it’s good to report a small but significant victory for the people, the local Labour Party and a very committed councillor. If there are any other developments, we’ll keep you, er, posted…