Welcome to Canterbury CLP Volunteers Page!

Come and join our army of volunteers – Labour members, non-members and pets all welcome.

We’ve been working hard to get our message out – that Rosie Duffield will work hard for all local people.  If you can spare some time, we have a campaigning task that will suit everybody.  

Sign up to canvass on the doorstep – you’ll have a skilled Ward Organiser and work in a team.  And if you’re new to it, you’ll be with an experienced buddy who will show you the ropes.  If you’d rather not knock on doors, we always need help to deliver leaflets in our area.  Alternatively, come and help on a popular street stall, meeting local residents and sharing Rosie’s campaign pledges and our excellent Labour Party Manifesto.

For those who are less mobile or are unable to find time to get away from the house, we’re looking for people to help us with telephone canvassing.  You will get full training to use your own phone, at no expense to you, to call Canterbury voters from your own home.  We also run group telephone canvass sessions in Whitstable and Canterbury – with plenty of tea and cake.

We also have lots of Rosie Duffield/Vote Labour boards for front gardens. 

If you would like to volunteer for any of the above or order a board for your garden please fill out the form here.

We are a people powered grass-roots CLP determined to help Canterbury, Whitstable and the villages stay red on December 12th.  Come and join us to make Real Change.

Find a Local Event

Find a Local Event

Follow the link and find a local event near you.