The Labour Party has over 1000 members in Canterbury & Whitstable, and is continuing to grow. We are a diverse group of local people who believe our communities deserve better than a Conservative Government and their aggressive cuts to our public services and their failed economic plan.

The Constituency Labour Party meets quarterly but is supported by two branches, one in Canterbury and one in Whitstable who run local campaigns.

The Canterbury Branch is open to members from Canterbury, Blean and the surrounding villages.

Meetings take place on the second Monday of every month, 7.30 – 9.30 pm at the Quaker Meeting House near the Marlowe Theatre.

If you are a new member thinking about attending a meeting for the first time don’t hesitate to contact the branch secretary Derry Clarke by emailing [email protected]

Local branches have their own elected representatives who help organise our campaigns locally and ensure that local people’s views are heard.

The current Canterbury Chair is Dr Andrew Lambirth. You can email him about meetings, fundraising events and how you can get involved. His email address is [email protected]

Our local campaign lead is Callum Addams. You can email him to find out about our monthly street stalls and doorstep canvassing via [email protected]

We are proud to support and work with student societies at both Canterbury Christchurch and the University of Kent. These societies are independently run but many of their members are locally registered and involved in our campaigning.

Click here for information on Kent Labour Students at the University of Kent

Click here for information on CCSU’s Labour Group at Canterbury Christchurch University


A cautious welcome for the new cinema in Kingsmead

Alan Baldock, Labour Councillor for Northgate, talks about the new plans for the Kingsmead area after their plans were released last week.
"Picture the scene, it’s the summer of 2004, Robbie Williams is playing on the radio and tucked between Roger Federer beating Andy Roddick at Wimbledon and the Athens Games; Canterbury City Council asked local residents about what they think should be done with the Kingsmead Area.

The call from local residents was for a Kingsmead

On yer bike

Next Saturday members  from the Constituency Labour Party are cycling the ring road in Canterbury to help celebrate the World Car Free Day.

Last year Labour councillors won support from the Canterbury Area Member Panel for a car free day for the city, but since this victory, the local council have been slow to act . Local campaigner Ryan Smith  said "In light of the City and County Council's failure to act, we are planning a protest

Labour's Budget Response

Last night, Labour Group Leader at Canterbury City Council, Councillor Alan Baldock, gave our response to the budget and sought amendments. He focused on the need for greater compassion towards the poor and the vulnerable in the face of radical cuts to funding from central government. These cuts, to zero in 2019, mean we can no longer function in the way we have in the past and appear to face a Hobson’s choice between drastic