Alister Brady
KCC Candidate for Canterbury City South

Hi, I am Alister Brady your Labour Candidate for Canterbury City North in this year’s Kent County Council elections.

For the last 20 years I have worked in the travel industry and have always had a keen interest in politics. However, I was becoming increasingly frustrated watching career politicians, especially in government, not working for or representing the people who elected them. I wanted to try and do something about it!

3 years ago, whilst still working full time I completed (with distinction) a humanities diploma at Canterbury College. I then reduced my working hours to continue my studies. Now I am in my final year studying philosophy and politics at the University of Kent, specialising in political science.

Whilst at University I also became an Outreach Tutor giving talks throughout Kent to academy school children of all ages to help them become more accomplished students and delivering the message that any student, irrespective of background, can strive towards a University education if they want to. I believe education to be incredibly important and every Kent child should have access to the best start in life and to the best education possible!

During the pandemic I have been volunteering for the St Johns ambulance in Canterbury, Whitstable, and Faversham, helping to screen the amazing individuals who donated much needed blood during the pandemic. It was essential to protect the NHS staff and patients, and I am proud that I could play my small part.

I also volunteered for Canterbury City Council delivering food parcels and medicine to vulnerable people who were isolating. This was operated out of Kingmead Recreation Centre and I must give my thanks to everyone who volunteered and ran this vital service within our community. For many people, this service was a lifeline and demonstrates the great things our community can achieve when called upon.

Throughout the pandemic I continued to remotely tutor year 12 and 13 students through the University of Kent outreach program, this time as a debating tutor. I believe it was extremely important to give our school children something to do during lockdown and the University of Kent outreach team went to great lengths to find ways to make the situation slightly more bearable for Kent children.

Also, within the Labour Party I am the Trade union Liaison officer and run a ‘Trade Union and Employment working group’. Unfortunately, through the fallout of this pandemic we are seeing working families struggle through no fault of their own. I want to do my bit in helping the districts workers and both of these roles will enable me to find ways to do this.

All these things illustrate my passion to help people, and demonstrate how hard I will work for you as your Kent County Councillor in Canterbury City North. As a lifelong Canterbury resident, I want to work with you to make where we call home that much better. I will listen to you to give you a voice inside local government and improve the lives of Canterbury City North residents!

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