Married with 5 children and 4 grandchildren, I am a retired civil servant who helped support people and businesses with income and corporation tax problems. I have always voted Labour, am active in my local church and enjoy walking, writing and family history.

I brought up two daughters and a son as a single parent. A second marriage brought me the rest of the family. I can empathise with the difficulties that many young people and their carers face today; education; student loans; employment; housing; bullying; mental and physical health etc. I will work to find policies to alleviate their problems.

My work experience necessitated understanding tax law and accountancy; examining business records and talking to the proprietors and their accountants, of all types of business, in order to seek agreement to any necessary adjustments and correction to the returns and accounts to ensure the payment of the correct amount of tax. I have made relevant representations to the Planning Inspectorate concerning Manston Airport; in respect of local housing etc. development schemes and have campaigned for better enforcement of parking and dog fouling regulations.

I joined the Labour Party in Herne Bay when I retired. I have been involved in Leafleting and Canvassing, campaigns and with the Street Stall. I now want to reach out to all the residents of West Bay Ward, listen to and understand their particular concerns and take them forward for positive action by Canterbury City Council where possible.

A Labour led Council would have sustainability as the thread of its strategy. It will be better at providing affordable homes to buy or rent, in order to meet the needs over the next 10 years.  It will demonstrate its social conscience and do all it can to eradicate homelessness from the district. It will increase monitoring for air pollution, clean seas and litter (including dog fouling) and necessary enforcement action taken to reduce harm, especially to our children. This is more vital than ever given the risks associated with a possible Brexit and re-opening of Manston Airport.

For more information on Nigel’s campaign please email him