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Gaza Emergency at the TUC

At the TUC – in response to emergency motions submitted by Aslef, CWU and TSSA – there was a General Council statement on Gaza. Generally good, calling for an arms embargo and action against firms complicit with the military trade with Israel.

mustafaIf anyone wondered why, they only needed to have attended the PSC’s fringe meeting. The main speaker was Mustafa Barghouti – a prominent, independent politician from Palestine. His own account and pictures of the war in Gaza were moving enough, but he concluded showing a brief video.

The video showed live an apparently common tactic during the assault on Gaza. First you would bombard a target, wait a while until the rescue work was underway; then bomb again. The video showed graphically the consequences. At the end no-one spoke, most people were crying unable to think of anything appropriate to say.

Mustafa’s full speech is available at

There is PSC fringe on Palestine at the Labour Party this coming Sunday. There are also debates around the manifesto and contemporary motions on Gaza, it would be an opportunity the Palestinians would love – the world to recognise their right to independence. If they were allowed a vote, the result would not be in doubt.
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