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“Getting help was so hard”

Emma is a mother of three, whose son has special educational needs (SEN).She is sick of having to write to her MP just to make sure her son gets the support he needs.

Last year OFSTED marked the service provided to children with special educational needs in Kent as poor. They exposed how access to speech and language therapy, ADHD assessment and even wheelchairs was a ‘postcode lottery’.

Care plans were reviewed so infrequently that in one case they found a 15-year-old boy whose plan was based on report he received when he was aged three.

Your Tory County Councillor let this happen on his watch and its not good enough.

Naomi Smith believes Kent County Council needs to change. Labour wants to fast stream bursaries so we can recruit the social workers and educational psychologists we desperately need. New staff would promise to work in Kent for at 5 years and help turn this mess around.

“I’m voting for Naomi this May”, says Emma. “No one at the council ever listened to the needs of my son. They never listened to me as someone who knows him best. That needs to change”.

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