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Happy Birthday NHS

Around 300 people turned up at Labour Party street stalls in Herne Bat last Saturday to sign cards wishing a very Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS.

Gilbert House, a local Labour campaigner who came up with the idea for the cards said: “The NHS is the Labour party’s greatest achievement, which for 70 years has helped improve the lives of working people. It’s always been there in our times of need so it’s right to for us to show our support when it needs us most.”

Members of the public signing the cards agreed, with hundreds of comments and messages of support including:
“Keep up the good work!! We’re rooting for you.”
“Thanks for everything you do! Hang in there.
“We love you! We will fight for you, NHS.”
“Keep up the good work…the Labour Party will make sure of that!”
“Thank you all you hard-working people that make the NHS.”
and “Long live the NHS! “Free at the point of need” – Nye Bevan’s Ghost”

Anne Belworthy, one of the event organisers, said one of the cards would be delivered to the Kent & Canterbury Hospital and the¬†Whitstable & Tankerton Hospital at 11am. Member’s baked birthday cakes to show their support for NHS staff.

Whilst it was right to celebrate, Ms Belworthy added: “However, the NHS needs more than cards and cake if it’s to last another 70 years and you can be sure that Canterbury and Whitstable Labour will be right at the front to protect our NHS from Tory privatisation and mismanagement.”