Tribute to Anne Sellers

Anne Seller, my friend and friend of so many across the Canterbury district and beyond was a highly respected and loved by all who knew her and by all those whose lives she touched in many walks of life. Whether as a philosophy lecturer, a school governor, long time Labour Party member, former Lady Mayoress, fellow church member, artist or a peace activist, Anne was known as a kind, thoughtful, listening person. Underlying her

Equalities officers' statement of trans solidarity

As equalities officers in Rosie Duffield’s CLP, we wholeheartedly condemn Rosie’s toxic and ill-informed comments around trans people. These comments show a complete lack of understanding of anatomy and gender identity, and are actively harmful to the trans community.

A few days ago, CNN posted an article referring to “Individuals with a cervix” and it was clear that the language used in that article was gender-inclusive, accepting that people with cervixes can both be

Labour Group raise concerns about return to an Executive style council

Last Thursday, Canterbury City Council voted to establish a COVID-Emergency Committee of 17 councillors to make all major decisions of the council, potentially up until May 2021. Councillor Alan Baldock reflects on the decision and how it puts democratic accountability at risk

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