We have work to do

A climate emergency is upon us. That fact is not altered by the welcome decision of the City Council, last Thursday, to declare it: nothing has changed as a result of the consensual decision to recognise the seriousness of the challenge that faces the whole of humanity.

We have work to do.

Finally, Canterbury Council makes an Emergency of the Climate Emergency!

After weeks of marches and protests, climate change activists and local Labour members have succeeded in convincing Canterbury Council to listen. A state of emergency has finally been declared but only after the Tory-led city councillors were dragged there, kicking and screaming. Historically, the Conservative faction has argued that they could not take the necessary lead on congestion and pollution in our seaside towns and City, because it was not their problem, passing the

Labour demands council go carbon neutral by 2030

Canterbury Labour Group today submitted a key environmental motion for the full council meeting on the 18th July.  The motion calls on Canterbury City Council to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 in light of the Climate and Environment Emergency declared by Parliament on the 1st May this year.

Standing up for Wincheap Fields

Labour Councillors led the debate last Thursday at the Regeneration and Property Committee for a new Nature Reserve on the land bordering the Stour behind the Wincheap Industrial Estate, extending from the A2 to the railway.

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