How to kickstart the local economy

As we ease out of lockdown it is heartening to see that the district recorded zero covid fatalities in the previous three weeks (No covid deaths in three weeks as lockdown eases, Gazette, 1st April 2021, p12). It is also encouraging that we can start to see a few more people outside and reconnect with loved ones. We all want to move back to normality as soon as is safe, but residents are telling me

The importance of transport in this campaign

Local buses provide a lifeline for communities missed off the map of the commercial providers – ensuring people have an affordable way to travel to school, work, the shops, local amenities and vital services. The services we rely on have been tested to their limits through this crisis, with reduced passenger numbers and increased health and safety burdens.

Councils can support communities to set up their own people’s bus service in areas underserved by the

Key Issues in Whitstable this May

Two issues stand out when talking to people in West Whitstable about the failings of Kent County Council. Bus fares and climate change. One is local, the other global but they are linked and need “big-picture” thinking to sort out.

Climate change and our environment

Net Zero 2030

We need to get to net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 and not leave it until 2050 as the Tories are aiming for. Labour know that the climate emergency is the

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