Labour makes huge gains on Canterbury City Counci

The voters of Canterbury have once again created a political upset after last week's local poll saw Labour increasing its representation on the city council by 150 per cent. Following on the 2017 success of Rosie Duffield in becoming the first Labour MP for the former Conservative stronghold, the party had its best night in Canterbury for nearly 25 years.

Why parking needs a serious rethink in Whitstable

The last month has shown us that a one way system across Whitstable might just work, but also that any change to traffic needs to consider the impact it has on local businesses, road safety and be done in conjunction with a rethink of how people who depend on public transport get into town. Labour wants a radical new public consultation on parking in Whitstable.

Power to the people: it’s time we took energy production into our own hands

The sun is finally showing its face and enticing us onto the banks of the Stour - and, for the very brave, the beach. The temperatures aren’t the only thing that’s rising, though: households are to be hit with an average 5% increase in energy bills in 2019, well outstripping both inflation and average wage growth -- if yours is growing at all

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