Whitstable library under threat

Local campaigners have expressed concern that Whitstable Library is one of 70 libraries due to be downgraded next year by Kent County Council.  A campaign has been launched to save it.

The Menace of Dog Poo on our Streets: Labour Candidates Listening in Wincheap and Thanington

One issue is particularly annoying local residents in Wincheap and Thanington in the early weeks of 2019. With the start of the new term, parents are have raised concern about the increasing with incidents of dog poo spread across both sides of the path to school. 

Dear Helen Whately

This week there was a huge debate about whether Jeremy Corbyn muttered “stupid woman” or “stupid people” under his breath during the heated, final Prime Minister’s Questions of 2018. In this article our women's officer Clare Connerton explains how the real issue is that the government does not care for people’s suffering, particularly women’s.

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