Labour's Manifesto has Lightened My Heart

Our second GE2019 blog post by Rory Heap - Disability Officer, Canterbury CLP

As a disabled person myself, and as the Disability Officer for this Constituency Labour Party, I have a lot of contact with disabled people, some of whom are Labour party members, some of whom are not.

What we all have in common is a profound hatred of Tory party austerity and their systematic attacks on disabled people.

I take great delight, therefore, in summarising below

Support for Disabled Children - Vote for Rosie!

Our first election blog post by Whitstable Labour Party member, Emma.
This general election feels like an extraordinary opportunity for people to vote, not only to oppose nine years of brutal austerity, but also in favour of a manifesto that offers real hope for transforming our society.

There are so many aspects of the manifesto to shout about! Aside from rebuilding our NHS and the promise for a Green Industrial Revolution to tackle the climate crisis,

Kent Police announce new town constable for Whitstable

Local residents and councillors welcomed today's news that Whitstable is to receive a new town constable following a six month campaign organised by Whitstable Labour Party

Now is the Time: Affordable Homes for All.

Councillor for Northgate ward, and leader of the Labour Group, Alan Baldock, has written to the Kentish Gazette urging the Council to be bolder when it comes to developing housing in the district.

Last week, Canterbury's Chief Executive stated in the Kentish Gazette, that the thousands of new homes needed are a “big ask”. Labour believes that Canterbury residents are worth such a "big ask," as it isn't really too much to hope, in this

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