Helping the High Street

Many residents are worried about job security and employment issues due to the pandemic. I believe that Kent County Council must play a leading role in helping our residents and the local economy get back on its feet.

Our kids deserve the best

As an outreach tutor I have seen first-hand the importance of giving our children the best start in life. Throughout the pandemic we have witnessed school closures resulting in our children missing out on valuable learning and socialising opportunities.

Our children stayed at home to help the country fight the virus, and now Kent County Council must help children catch up on the time they have lost.

As your Kent County Councillor, I will:
work to

"The traffic is ridiculous"

Kit is a retired corporate director who has lived in Whitstable for 40 years. "In all this time" he says "traffic has got worse not better. KentCounty Council do the bare minimum. They just aren't interested in trying to solve the problem".

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