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Letter to the Editor: Council Housing

Dear Gazette
I read last week’s article ‘ with interest.
Despite some recent welcome additions to the council’s housing portfolio, our City Council is basically only keeping pace with those sold under right to buy. Our council house waiting list has not gone down and stands at around 2,500. 
This situation is not inevitable. Our country has in the past faced the pressing need to provide homes fit for heroes. The end of the second world war saw two significant investments in this county: firstly in the form of the National Health Service and secondly a massive house building programme. 
Both initiated by a Labour government and both are achievements of which we can all be justly proud. But while we rightly hear much about the precariousness of our beloved NHS, less is heard about the state of our council housing. 
The Council should be building quality, carbon neutral, energy efficient houses to provide homes, create stable communities and provide income for the council for decades to come.
Choosing to spend millions on the Station West car park instead of building homes for local people was poor decision making, to put it mildly and the car showrooms at Westgate would have been a good spot to build two bedroom council flats of which there is a shortage. Instead we get more student accommodation which we don’t need. The high cost of private renting across the District, contrasts with low wages. At one point last year there was only one two bedroom flat available for rent which someone on the minimum wage could afford. I challenge this Council to do more and to invest in homes for local people, rather than tolerating thousands on their waiting list making the dream of a secure council house rarer than hen’s teeth.
Pip Hazelton 
Labour and Co-operative candidate for Westgate
Old Watling Street