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Rosie exposes Julian Brazier’s voting record on LGBT issues

This weekend is Pride Canterbury 2017, an inclusive and welcoming celebration of our LGBT+ community.

Speaking in 2012, Julian Brazier explained why he was voting against gay marriage by describing it as “a very radical measure which will undermine a treasured institution and could have unforeseen consequences”. He warned that “we shouldn’t allow an institution of this importance to be re-defined simply to meet a rights agenda“.

Julian Brazier’s record on voting against LGBT+ legislation speaks for itself, he has voted against:

  • bring the age of consent amounts homosexual couples in line with heterosexual ones
  • the removal of a ban on homosexual couples adopting children
  • the right for homosexual couples to get married and divorce (see his voting record here)

So can you imagine how much more of a party this weekend will be if he’s unseated?

I’ll be there to stand shoulder to shoulder with those celebrating on the day, standing up to homophobia and transphobia and celebrating the diversity of our incredible constituency – and I hope you will be too.