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Messages of congratulations have been flooding into our office since the election of Rosie Duffield last week. The General Election campaign has involved hundreds of local people and caught the imagination of thousands of people who wanted to pass on their messages of good will. Here are a short selection.

“I would just like to congratulate you and your team for your amazing win. Dethroning a seat which was been blue for over 160 years is unheard of and you have done yourself and the party extremely proud. I hope your efforts are recognised from the very top of the Labour Party and go down as one of the greatest swings in history. I wish you all the best in your tenure as MP and I’m sure you will be a great MP for us, your constituents.”

I am 70 years old and have voted Labour for most of my adult life. I wish to congratulate you on your amazing achievement in becoming the MP for Canterbury. This is first time I have voted for a candidate that was successful. “

“I write this is a state of absolute ecstasy. I want to give you my most heartfelt congratulations, and wish you the very best of luck representing the people of Canterbury and Whitstable in the House of Commons.  I have no doubt whatsoever that you will be an outstanding MP. “

“Words will not express my delight at your victory.  I never thought Id live to see Brazier out.  They say the young swung it, but they had a little help from at least one old lifelong Labour voter.”

“Since living in Canterbury I have voted in several general elections and upon attending my local polling station yesterday I was on the borderline, considering spoiling my ballot paper as I have yet to have my political views represented locally in the votes I have cast over my lifetime. I have spent much of my working life working with vulnerable people and in recent years have seen the support available to them eroded by endless cuts and changes. The suffering the system causes to people is at times barbaric and cruel in this rich nation. 

Thank you for changing things in the city I live in. Thank you for ousting an arrogant, complacent and vacuous incumbent with zero empathy and outdated views. Thank you for reigniting my faith in the political system. Thank you for getting young people out and voting for the things that will affect them, for giving us all a voice and allowing it to be heard.”

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Labour has won Canterbury, a seat the Tories have held for 100 years.

The party made huge gains in a seat that has existed in some form since 1387 – and has never been held by Labour.

The last time the Tories lost the seat was to Whig politician John Baker, who took it for the second time in 1802.

Labour’s Rosie Duffield won the seat from Conservative Sir Julian Brazier. The result was so close it required a recount, with Ms Duffield winning by less than 200 votes.

That was a 9.33 per cent swing from the Tories to Labour.


Pensioner Josie Wills said ‘Rosie you have made history in Canterbury. Thank you and thank you to all your hard working colleagues.’

The real work stats tomorrow. Thank you to all who trusted us with their vote.